Emphasis in Engineering and Globalization (Global)

global-buttonEvery day, people in the developing world struggle to obtain many of the things that most of us in Canada take for granted, like clean water, safe shelter, and basic health care. Engineering students can make a difference. But to tackle these complex challenges effectively often requires a different mindset and a different set of skills. Through the Emphasis in Engineering and Globalization, and other initiatives, the Centre for Global Engineering aims to develop these capabilities in our students. The Emphasis offers an innovative curriculum that enables our students to leverage their engineering knowledge and talent for maximal impact on issues of global importance. We develop the wide range of professional skills necessary to address the evolving technological challenges in an increasingly global society.

Students who complete the requirements of the Emphasis in Engineering and Globalization will no longer be provided with a certificate, instead the emphasis will be notated on directly on their transcript.

Emphasis Requirements:

Students must complete the equivalent of two full courses (four half courses) from those listed below, with at least one full course equivalent (or two half courses) chosen from Category A.

Category A

APS510H: Technologies and Organizations in Global Energy Systems

APS1420H: Technology, Engineering and Global Development

APS530H: Appropriate Technology & Design for Global Development

GLA1000H: Introduction to the Development of the Global System

JCR1000Y: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Global Challenges

Note: JCR1000Y is equivalent to two half-courses.

Category B

Students can choose from the list of courses below or an approved MEng project course.*

APS1020: International Business for Engineers

APS1024: Infrastructure Resilience Planning

APS1015: Social Entrepreneurship

JMG2020H: Big Data and Global Cities

CHL5700H: Global Public Health

CIV1399H: Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Global Health

*MEng project course – Students from across the Faculty of Engineering are eligible to pursue an MEng project in their home department. If that project is aligned with the CGEN mandate (as deemed by the CGEN Director), the project can be used to satisfy the Category B requirements. Interested students are asked to contact CGEN for more information at: cgen@utoronto.ca.

Students who have completed the requirements of the Emphasis in Engineering and Globalization should contact Faculty Graduate Studies office at: gradstudies@engineering.utoronto.ca.