Emphasis in Biomanufacturing


Recent advances in DNA sequencing, DNA synthesis and analytical technologies has enabled an in depth characterization and engineering of biological systems paving the way for their use in manufacturing a range of products from renewable fuels and chemicals, bio-products to advanced diagnostics and therapeutics for medical applications.

This emphasis in Biomanufacturing aims to prepare students to understand and engineer innovative technologies from developing organs on a chip to engineering protein for various applications in medicine, fuels, chemicals, environmental biotechnology and nutrition.

The emphasis is available for Chemical, Materials Science and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering MEng students.

Students who complete this emphasis will have it noted on their transcript. Students may double-count a maximum of one (0.5 FCE) course towards any ChE emphasis, or towards any other emphasis in the Faculty.


MEng students must successfully complete any four half courses (2.0 full-course equivalents [FCEs]) from the following list:

Course CodeCourse Name
CHE1123HLiquid Biofuels
CHE1125HModeling & Optimization in Biochemical Networks
CHE1450H (formerly CHE1133)Bioprocess Engineering: Fermentation, Cell culture, Bioreactor design, Theory and Laboratory Course, Bioseparations
CHE1134HAdvances in Bioengineering
CHE1135HClimate Change Regulation
CHE1334HOrgan on a Chip: On-chip engineering of heart, kidney, cancer, vasculature and liver, Regulatory issues
CHE1471HModelling in Biological and Chemical Systems
BME1459HProtein Engineering
BME1480HExperimental Design and Multivariate Analysis in Bioengineering
JCC1313HEnvironmental Microbiology


For questions related to the emphasis, contact Sarah Johns (mengprograms.chemeng@utoronto.ca).