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Recorded Program

Most of the UTERC 2020 program was recorded and has been posted on Youtube. Click on the playlist that you are interested in viewing:

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Alumni Panels

Short Talks: Advanced Manufacturing

Short Talks: Data Analytics, AI, & Robotics

Short Talks :Human Health

Short Talks: Sustainability

Short Talks: Water


The inaugural U of T Engineering Research Conference (UTERC) is a unique opportunity for students, researchers, and industry professionals to engage online with our students and learn about the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering’s leading research. The digital conference will showcase research across our 6 Innovation Clusters: Advanced Manufacturing, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Human Health, Robotics, Sustainability, and Water. The purpose of this conference is to provide opportunities for networking, collaborative problem solving, and overall community building. Graduate students will present short oral presentations over parallel online sessions while posters will be presented through a Twitter poster contest. Multiple online venues will be available for attendees to engage with presenters and each other.

As a leading research faculty, the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is pushing the limits and pioneering online initiatives in this increasingly digital world. Especially during these difficult times, we are striving to keep our community connected and meet the needs of our students. Through innovation and collaboration, what we can achieve together is truly boundless.

We hope you enjoy the conference!


The UTERC Team

Group photo of the UTERC team.

Conference Program

June 9, 2020

All daySlack Networking & Collaborative Problem-Solving
11:00 AM – 12:15 PMAlumni Panel: Future of the Field
12:00 PM-ongoingTwitter Poster Contest
3:00 PM – 4:15 PMAlumni Panel: Women in Engineering
5:00 PM – 6:15 PMAlumni Panel: Transitioning to the Workforce

Postponed to June 17th (formerly June 10th)

All dayTwitter Poster Contest, Slack Networking & Collaborative Problem-Solving
1:00 PM - 1:10 PMWelcoming Remarks
1:20 PM - 2:15 PMShort Talks Session 1
2:20 PM - 3:15 PMShort Talks Session 2
3:15 PM - 3:30 PMClosing Remarks

Twitter Poster Contest

June 9th 12:00 PM – June 10th 4:00 PM EDT

The Twitter Poster Contest presents a unique experience for many students to present their research as a poster, gif, or animation to a broad audience. Attendees do not need a Twitter account to view the posters but will need one to post questions or “like” the poster. Poster presenters are encouraged to engage with other posters and periodically answer questions on their own. Posters will be tweeted through students’ individual Twitter accounts using the hashtag #UTERCposter2020 and a hashtag corresponding to their category. To find all posters within an category, click one of the hashtags below or search it on Twitter.com.






Alumni Panel Discussions

June 9th 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM EDT

Each panel will consist of 45 minutes of panel discussion with U of T Engineering alumni followed by 30 minutes of “breakout” group networking. The discussions consist of three panels throughout the day:

11:00 AM - Future of the Field

3:00 PM - Women in Engineering

5:00 PM - Transitioning to the Workforce

Networking & Collaborative Problem-Solving

June 9th 12:00 PM – June 10th 4:00 PM EDT

Throughout the conference, attendees have the option to join the conference slack workspace to further engage with each other. The workspace will be open for problem-solving, networking, and connecting with attendees and presenters. As part of this space, students will be posting their Grand Challenges, research issues currently without solutions, and attendees will have the opportunity to collaboratively discuss solutions with the students. It is recommended to exchange contact information for any collaborations since conversations may be deleted over time.

Short Talk Sessions

June 10th Postponed to June 17th - 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

Dress code: Business Casual

The Short Talk Sessions will consist of 5-minute oral presentations showcasing some of the exciting research happening at the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering in 5 categories: Advanced Manufacturing; Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, & Robotics; Human Health; Sustainability; and Water. Each session will consist of 5 oral presentations followed by a longer Q&A time for all presenters at the end. Each presentation will be recorded and available for viewing after the conference. The Short Talk Sessions will also include brief welcoming and closing remarks.


Follow this link to see the most up to date frequently asked questions.

About the Organizers

This conference is organized by a committee of graduate students and professors from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering and the Graduate Engineering Council of Students (GECoS). The event is being supported by additional professors, staff, and members of the Dean’s Office.

Contact us: uterc@engineering.utoronto.ca or Twitter @UTERC2020.

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Samantha Cheung

Samantha Cheung

Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry,

PhD Student


Sylvie Spraakman

Civil & Mineral Engineering,

PhD Student


Karthik Ganesan

Electrical & Computer Engineering,

PhD Student


Zoey Shengnan Lyu

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering,

MEng Student

Portrait of Ehssan Koupaie

Ehssan Koupaie

Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry,

Postdoctoral Fellow


Arthur Chan

Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry,

Associate Professor

Jennifer Gordon

Jennifer Gordon

Civil & Mineral Engineering,

MASc Student


Maryam Fashandi

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering,

PhD Student

Portrait of Naif Tarafdar

Naif Tarafdar

Electrical & Computer Engineering,

PhD Student

Portrait of Daniel Rozhko

Daniel Rozhko

Electrical & Computer Engineering,

PhD Student

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