Prospective Professors in Training (PPIT)

The Prospective Professors in Training (PPIT) program prepares soon-to-be PhD graduates for the rigors of applying to, and holding, an academic position.  Students learn how to develop an effective academic CV, teaching dossier, and research statement, as well as how to prepare for an academic job interview.  Students also learn how early-career academics can best manage their time and resources between teaching, research, and university administration. For details, please see the PPIT2017/2018 Information Sheet.

Participants are selected from among PhD student applicants based on their demonstrated research abilities and their passion for teaching and mentoring. Postdoctoral Fellows are also welcome to apply. Students who complete the PPIT program are issued an official certificate of participation. PPIT is Composed of Two Parts: 1) Thirteen core seminars: see  PPIT2017/2018 Information Sheet. 2) Full semester course: APS1203 – Teaching Engineering in Higher Education.  Please contact the teaching assistants at for further information about the schedule.

How to Apply to PPIT – Applications Due: Friday, September 15, 2017

Please note, all PPIT candidates must have completed the first year of their PhD with a minimum GPA of A- before applying. To apply, please download, complete, and submit the following  2017-PPIT-Application-Form. APS1203 will be opened for enrolment after September 15, to allow PPIT participants to enrol.

PPIT is part of the Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) Program The Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) Program is an initiative of the School of Graduate Studies, designed to prepare graduate students for their future. GPS credit is available for attending a minimum of 10 of 13 seminars and completing the mock application package. The APS1203 course is not eligible for GPS credit. PPIT can be used to earn credit in two skill areas: Communication and Interpersonal Skills, and Teaching Competence.

Contact Information

David Duong
Faculty Graduate Coordinator
Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
44 St. George Street, Toronto, ON, M5S 3G8

Mario Badr, Ph.D. Candidate
Teaching Assistant
The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Nazanin Khalili, Ph.D. Candidate
Teaching Assistant
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering