Prospective Professors in Training (PPIT)

The Prospective Professors in Training (PPIT) program prepares PhD students and Post-docs for the rigours of a career in academia. The program introduces participants to curriculum, teaching, and learning within the context of engineering education, and provides participants with learning opportunities to support the development of a research program. Participants will learn about applying for academic positions and the construction of effective application materials. Finally, the program will help participants build the knowledge and tools required to balance time and resources between teaching, research, and administration.

Participants are selected from among PhD student applicants based on their demonstrated research abilities and their passion for teaching and mentoring. Postdoctoral Fellows are also welcome to apply. Students who complete the PPIT program are issued an official certificate of participation. Participants can complete the required course (TEP1203) and professional development series earlier or later in your PhD program, or during your postdoc. If you choose to participate in the course earlier in your program, you can use the knowledge and skills throughout your TA-ships. The dossier is submitted at the end of your program, regardless of when you take the course or the professional development series.

PPIT consists of:

  • TEP1203H (formerly APS1203H) Teaching Engineering in Higher Education. The course will be offered on Wednesdays, 9AM-12PM in the winter semester as a 12 week course
  • A professional development series, with a focus on building a research program and the academic job search, offered in the spring (April – June 2022)
  • Teaching Dossier, submitted at the end of the student’s doctoral program or during the post-doc (dossiers are accepted for review twice/year, in December and June).
  • Optional teaching internship and/or teaching practice & reflection sessions
Admission requirements and application

Please note, all PPIT candidates must have completed the first year of their PhD studies.

Complete the application form and follow the additional instructions on the application form.

PPIT is part of the My-GPD (Graduate Professional Development) Program. This program is an initiative of the School of Graduate Studies, designed to prepare graduate students for their future. One My-GPD credit is awarded for every 3 hours of professional development instruction, and graduate students can claim up to four credits using the PPIT Professional Development Series.  The TEP1203H (formerly APS1203H) course is not eligible for GPS credit. For more information on My-GPD, please visit

Deadline: Monday, December 13, 2021

Program Co-Coordinators:

Lisa Romkey
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Engineering Science, Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education and Practice


Deborah Tihanyi
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Engineering Communication Program, Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education and Practice


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