TEP5500: Research Methods and Project Execution


Fall 2023 – Thursdays and Fridays 9:30am-11am

Winter 2024 – Wednesdays and Fridays 9:30am-11am


Lydia Wilkinson 

Course Exclusions: CHE1102, BME1450, BME1477 | Course for Research Students

Successful completion of your graduate program relies on strong research, critical thinking and communication skills. These qualities will continue to help you achieve success as you transition into the workforce, whether you enter industry or pursue a career in academia. This course provides training in these areas while focusing on your current research project, simultaneously providing you with future training and immediately applicable strategies to help you complete your thesis research project. Through facilitated activity-based workshops you will develop your research and project management skills, acquire strategies to identify and articulate a research hypothesis, set research goals and plan your research approach (including quantification of results and validation of quantitative metrics), and share research findings via oral, written and graphical communication.

What do Alumni from this course have to say…..?
“It is a great tool to plan your research project and to develop the skills necessary to be successful in graduate school. It is also a way to learn about other labs and the research that is being done in them, while meeting new classmates and colleagues.”

“This is a course that’s very helpful if you are just getting started on your graduate degree. It can help you improve your work efficiency and better understand what you are trying to achieve during grad school.”

“It was useful to be taught skills such as communicating with your supervisor. Some students do not have this ability or do not believe that they can have discussions with their supervisors about this concern. Having honest discussions improves my productivity because my supervisor and I can set expectations for my research project in advance.”

“The course helped me form a plan for my research with objectives and sub-objectives. This helps me look at the big picture and the detailed structure of my work allowing me to always have the grip of where I am in the process and explain the project to others.”

“This course motivated me to design a roadmap from where I was all the way to the submission of my thesis. Looking to the next two, three, five steps beyond the one you are currently tackling is super helpful for lending perspective to the problem.”