The OPTIONS Program

"I have a graduate degree - now what?"

The OPTIONS Program supports engineering graduate students and postdoctoral fellows explore diverse career options.

It consists of the Cohort Program and complementary events.

MEng applications are open for the fall 2022 Cohort Program!

The OPTIONS rograms

Cohort Program

The Cohort Program is an opportunity to take a deep dive into career management with a supportive community of like-minded graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Facilitated by faculty and professional development experts, the program provides an opportunity to clarity your interests and aspirations, develop job application materials, and explore career pathways. We offer three different Cohort Programs to address the specific needs of the U of T Engineering community.

Complementary Events

The Complementary Events are open to all engineering graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. These events provide an introduction to the school-to-work transition, tools to develop skills critical to the success of a professional, and a venue to network with engineering alumni.

EventDayTime (ET)LocationRegistration
TBAThurs Sept 2912:00 - 1:00 pmIn-person
Jobs in Sustainability: Career Stories from Engineering Graduate Students Tackling Climate ChangeFri Oct 1412:00 - 1:30 pmOnline
Job Search Strategies for International Students: Explore the Labour Market and Network to Find OpportunitiesTues Oct11:30 - 1:00 pmIn-person
I Have a Masters in Engineering! Now What?Thurs Nov 176:00 - 8:00 pmOnline

Jobs in Sustainability: Career Stories from Engineering Graduate Students Tackling Climate Change

Fri Oct 14 | 12:00 - 1:30 pm | Online

Join us for a live studio taping of the Career Buzz radio show and podcast! Career Buzz is Canada’s unique podcast that empowers lives, enriches careers, and energizes organizations.

Four U of T engineering alumni working in sustainability will sit down for an in-depth conversation with host Mark Franklin, engineer turned career coach, to discuss their work and essential tips for conducting a job search in sustainability. You will learn how alumni prepared to transition from graduate school to the workplace, and the specific strategies alumni employed to land a job.

About Career Buzz radio show and podcast

Since 2006, Career Buzz has broadcast unrehearsed conversations featuring extraordinary career stories of ordinary people, and insights from thought leaders including National Geographic explorer-in-residence Wade Davis, Canada’s career guru Barbara Moses, and engineering-specific career stories of engineer-turned-artist Andrew Wang and Mike Klassen's quick advance in Engineers Without Borders. The podcast is hosted by Mark Franklin, Practice Leader at and instructor for TEP1030: Engineering Careers - Theories and Strategies to Manage your Career for the Future.

Learn more about Career Buzz Podcast and subscribe on your favourite podcast app. Listen live Wednesdays 11am-noon 89.5fm or

Job Search Strategies for International Students: Explore the Labour Market and Network to Find Opportunities

Tues Oct 25 | 11:30 - 1:00 pm | In-person

The search for work is a complex process especially in a unfamiliar labour market. In this workshop, we will discuss strategies for conducting a job search in Canada using labour market data and networking tools.

Specifically, you will learn how to

  • Conduct a job search using labour market resources
  • Apply networking strategies to explore job opportunities and learn about workplace culture in Canada
  • Translate international work experience in your job application material
  • Learn about negotiating a job offer

The session will primarily focus on the job search in Canada. We will briefly discuss how to apply the job search strategies discussed in this session to international labour markets.

I Have a Masters in Engineering! Now What?

Thus Nov 17 | 6:00 - 8:00 pm | Online

Come discover potential career pathways and meet an amazing line-up of alumni from a variety of sectors!

In small groups, you will have a conversation with alumni about their career:

  • What they did at school to prepare for a job
  • How they made the transition from school to the workplace
  • What they do in their current job

Over the course of the event, you will meet multiple alumni! Between these conversations, there will be short plenary discussions where alumni will share essential strategies and tips on planning for your future career.


Signature Complementary Events

The Signature Complementary Events are open to all engineering graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. These highly popular events require a longer time commitment (i.e., full-day), and are sometimes offered a couple times a year.


"The OPTIONS Program provided a how-to guide on exploring next steps. I am more confident to reach out to individuals in different positions to learn about their career paths. I left the program with a better understanding and ability to market my skills and strengths gained throughout my education."


"The OPTIONS Program helped me understand my skills from childhood to adulthood by realizing common patterns. It aided me to widen my career possibilities as opposed to the classic ‘industry vs academia’ approach."

(PhD, ECE)

"The OPTIONS program gave me the tools to reflect on my career story from different marketable perspectives. The course helped me to define, schedule, and practice clear and concise actions to create job opportunities aligned with my core values. The introspection was guided by instructors with different fields of expertise. This exposed me to more job possibilities and a better understanding of the path to follow as I transitioned from academia to industry."

(Postdoctoral Fellow, CHE)

"I was in the middle of my career exploration when I joined The OPTIONS Program. For me the program highlighted the possibilities outside of the more “well traveled” career paths and I felt empowered to explore these. Through the program I was able to recognize my skills and how they are of great value for my chosen direction in life."

(Postdoctoral Fellow, AER)


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Graduate Professional Development Coordinator
Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering

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