Professional Development Resources

Whether you are in your first year or near the end of your degree, we have resources to develop your professional skills and support your career exploration. Scroll down to learn more!

Career Exploration

Alumni Panels

Navigating a Job Search in Uncertain Times: Practical Tips and Inspiring Stories from Engineering Masters and PhD Alumni

This is a live studio taping of the Career Buzz Podcast. Career Buzz is Canada’s unique podcast that empowers lives, enriches careers, and energizes organizations. Four U of T engineering alumni sat down for an in-depth conversation with host Mark Franklin, engineer turned career coach, to discuss essential tips for conducting a job search during uncertain times.

ILead Career Talk Series

Check out ILead's Career Talks with engineering alumni. Past talks have discussed entrepreneurship, software, health care, energy, law, policy, and much more! At these talks you will: 1) learn about industry options for engineers; 2) reflect on your own career path and your strengths; and 3) meet and ask questions to working engineers.


Skill-Building Workshops

Creating a Resume for Industry Jobs

In this session with Career Exploration & Education you will learn strategies and tips to build and refresh your industry job application material. We will discuss: analyzing industry job descriptions to successfully tailor your resume; strategies to create a more effective and captivating resume including writing accomplish statements and developing a strong professional brand; and key components that go into a cover letter.

Interviewing for Work

In this session with Career Exploration & Education you will learn about interviews outside of academia and how to position your graduate experiences (from teaching to research and course work) effectively to potential employers in an authentic way.

Job Search Strategies for International Students: Explore the Labour Market and Network to Find Opportunities

The search for work is a complex process especially in an unfamiliar labour market. In this session with Career Exploration & Education you will learn strategies for conducting a job search in Canada using labour market data and networking tools.

In this video series, Dr Nana Lee, Director of Graduate Professional Development, covers a variety of topics to support your professional preparation and career exploration. She also interviews alumni on their careers in industry.

Online Interactive Modules

Interview Preparation

So you landed an interview with a great resume and cover letter! But now what? Complete this module to learn about effective preparation to ace the interview and get the job. This module has been designed as an introductory resource for all engineering students.

Leadership Development

ILead Podcast

This is Troost ILead's podcast where they discuss leadership development and its impact on engineering students, graduates, and professionals.