The OPTIONS Program

OPTIONS = Opportunities for PhDs: Transitions, Industry Options, Networking, and Skills

The OPTIONS Program is an initiative by the Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies and the Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (Troost ILead) to support U of T Engineering PhD students and post-doctoral fellows who wish to explore career options.

Take a deep dive into career management with a twelve-week, non-credit program. Facilitated by faculty and professional development experts, participants will develop their capability and discover meaningful career pathways.

The OPTIONS Program covers the following themes: 1) job market conditions for engineering PhDs and post-doctoral fellows; 2) unique skills and strengths participants bring to the workplace; 3) strategies for landing a job; and 4) preparation for being on the job. Learn more here.

The OPTIONS Program is open to PhD students (who have completed qualifying and/or comprehensive exams) and post-doctoral fellows who want to develop their personal/professional skills and explore career options. Involvement in the program requires participants actively engage in discussions and support their peer’s career preparation.

Participants who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion.

Applications for the fall 2018 cohort will open in late August.


Complementary Events

In addition to the eleven-week program, there will be two to three complementary events per semester open to all PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. These events provide an introduction into the school-to-work transition and skills critical to the success of a professional.

Interviewing for WorkTuesday July 104:00 - 6:00 pmGB202Registration open
Recognizing Patterns to Design Your LifeWednesday August 84:00 - 6:00 pmGB202Registration open

Interviewing for Work

Tues July 10 | 4 – 6 pm | GB202

In this workshop you will learn about interviews outside of academia and how to position your graduate experiences (from teaching to research and writing) effectively to potential employers in an authentic way. There will be an opportunity to formulate responses to interview questions, practice your responses, and receive feedback.

The facilitator, Jonathan Turner (Career Educator, Career Exploration and Education) will also be available from 6 – 7 pm for a Q&A session.

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Recognizing Patterns to Design Your Life

Wed Aug 8 | 4 – 6 pm | GB202

Do you know what types of careers might excite you? Join us at this session where we will use a design mindset  to help you understand what activities in school and life make you engaged and bring your energy, and how those activities connect to potential future careers. You will walk away with next steps that will help you design your life after graduate school.

Pizza will be served!

Facilitator: Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering

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Contact Information

Teresa Didiano
Special Programs Coordinator, Troost ILead