Emphasis in Advanced Water Technologies & Process Design

water-buttonThrough the Emphasis in Advanced Water Technologies & Process Design, students are able to gain in-depth knowledge of water treatment methods and design of treatment processes.

Students who complete the requirements of the Emphasis in Advanced Water Technologies & Process Design will be provided with a certificate of completion.

Eligibility: All MEng students in Chemical, Civil, and Materials Science and Engineering.

Course Requirements: Same as MEng requirements for the home department.
Civil Engineering: 10 courses, or 8-9 courses and 1 project.
Chemical Engineering: 10 courses, or 7 courses and 1 project.
Materials Science & Engineering: 10 courses, or 7 courses and 1 project.

  1. 3 Core Courses
  2. CHE 1150, Industrial Water Treatment
    At least one of the following (the other 2 can count as specialization courses):

    • CIV 1308, Physical/Chemical Treatment Processes
    • CIV 541, Environmental Biotechnology
    • CIV 1311, Advanced and Sustainable Drinking Water Treatment
    • CIV 1319, Chemistry and Analysis of Water and Waste

1 Specialization Course

Pick from the following list, or from #2 above:

  • CIV 549, Groundwater Flow and Contamination
  • CIV 550, Water Resources Engineering
  • CIV 1303, Water Resources Systems Modeling
  • CHE 565, Aqueous Process Engineering
  • CHE 1213, Corrosion
  • CHE 1403, Hydrometallurgy Theory and Practice
  • JNC 2503, Environmental Pathways 
  • STA 1004, Introduction to Experimental Design
  • MIE 1807, Principles of Measurements

6 Additional Courses and/or Project

May include courses not selected from above. Must comply with Departmental requirements.

Enrolment: After you have been admitted into your home department’s MEng program, contact Prof. Ron Hofmann (ron.hofmann@utoronto.ca) to indicate that you are interested in joining the program and to confirm your course selection.

Questions: Contact Prof. Ron Hofmann, ron.hofmann@utoronto.ca, 416-946-7508